Ornament in mahogany wood. with thin bilaminated silver foil, inside, protected by a mineral glass, is contained a fragment of a meteorite.
Overall dimensions 11 x 12 x 15 cm, weight: about 260 g.

The ornament should be kept in a dry place and possibly not exposed to direct sunlight.
The meteorite is sufficiently protected inside the ornament to last unaltered over time.
Bilaminated silver is made of a thin silver foil. conncted, with special resins to another aluminum foil, the external part of silver has been treated with special transparent acrylic resins to avoid unwanted oxidation. For this reason, you should not use liquids or detergents, which could remove the protective layer. to remove dust it is advisable to use a soft and dry cloth.


Cost of the "METEOR" ornament, for Italy, 240.00 + 10.00 for shipping.

Cost of the "METEOR" ornament, for U.E. countries, 240.00 +25.00 for shipping by express courier

Cost of the "METEOR" ornament, for countries outside U.E 240.00 +50.00  for shipping by express courier

For now, the payment method is by bank transfer only

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